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Every June, large numbers of people travel to La Sarthe to pay a visit to one of the oldest, hardest, largest and longest races in the world: The 24 hours of Le Mans.
Our group Drinking for Holland is one of many groups that travel south to cheer for their favourite teams. In our case it should be obvious that we support Racing for Holland, the team of Dutchman Jan Lammers.

But it is not just racing that counts; it's the whole atmosphere around the circuit, camping right next to the track, the barbecues, and of course the drinking. Many of these groups, including ours, leave for the circuit well before the day of the race, sometimes even a week ahead.

On this website you can find the experiences of Drinking for Holland at Le Mans and other races. In addition, even though this is not a newssite, we hope to provide some information and tips on how to make a stay at an endurance race even more pleasurable.

Have fun!

Drinking For Holland

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